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Updated: Nov 11, 2022

While we were all away for our summer break, our lovely GM Amelie at TAKA Marylebone visited one of our wine suppliers Sordo Wine in the beautiful Province of Cuneo in Italy. Founded in 1912, Amelie was able to tour the entire production cycle of Sordo wines, visit historical cellars, walk through the tunnel for aging wine, and even see the new winery. Greeted by the lovely Paola Sordo (pictured below in the middle) 4th, generation Paola has big plans to see Sordo wine grow from strength to strength.

We look forward to our continued partnership and can't wait to support and celebrate Sordo Wine.

When asked what her favourite part of the visit was, "Of course, the wine tasting and visiting the historical cellars, and it's always amazing to put a face to a name when working with such amazing suppliers with a rich history". - GM Amelie at TAKA

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