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Sake Seafood Sensations by JFOODO x TAKA 🍶🥢

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Photography credit: Sake sensations

We’re thrilled to continue to join @sake_sensations in the month of November for our special sake pairing with our great suppliers. This is a great opportunity to try something different on our menu and enjoy.

Join us on our Sake Seafood Sensations by JFOODO journey with a exquisite pairing that was created by our bar team, make your booking reservation today and ask one of the TAKA team for more details on arrival.


Yellowtail sashimi with smoked aubergine - paired with - Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai .

California roll with yuzu mayo - paired with - Tedorigawa Yamahai Daiginjo .

Crispy Cod roll with beetroot and daikon - paired with - Masumi Yamahai HiyaOroshi.

It's time to take your tastebuds on a Sake discovery!

Offer ends 20th November 2022

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