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We base all our food-related decisions on the Japanese philosophy of Shun - meaning that ingredients should only be harvested at the height of their season and only be eaten when they are at their absolute best. Because of this, you may find signature dishes at TAKA undergo seasonal changes, whereas others are relatively unchanging. 


Dinner at TAKA evolves with the seasons, and just like the rain and sun, some dishes come and go. We aim to create special moments within the "here and now" that even when replicated will feel unique - moments that will have their own time and place. 



Combining British ingredients with Japanese techniques and food philosophies, TAKA introduces a dining and bar experience that focuses on delicious food, good fun, and social eating. But none of it would be possible without our amazing suppliers. Our approach is guided by our sourcing of great British produce.

Nama Yasai, Britain, Taka


Sussex England

Nama Yasai are Natural Agriculture™ growers of English and Japanese vegetables herbs and fruit.They produce vegetables so good it will challenge everything you thought you knew about eating your greens


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Fitz English wine at Taka London


Sussex England

Fitz literally means "the bastard of the king" and is a sparkling wine like no other found in the UK. Using the Charmat method of fermentation and utilising grapes not usually associated with English sparkling wine, Fitz is a unique and stand-out bottle of bubbly that is very easy to drink!

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Happy Sky Loaf at Taka Marylebone


London England

The softest, most delicious loaf you can imagine! Using flour milled within the M25, Happy Sky is directly responsible for all our amazing baked items that go onto the menu!

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Albourne Estate at Taka Marylebone


Sussex England

Albourne Estate is a family-owned boutique vineyard and winery overlooking the beautiful South Downs, just 8 miles from Brighton. They craft small quantities of exciting and distinctive still and sparkling English wine sustainably. 

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Ginger Pig Farmers at Taka Marylebone


Yorkshire England

The Ginger Pig farmers were originally based in North Yorkshire and specialized in the sustaining of rare breed sheep, cattle and pigs. Today, Ginger Pig has shifted to sourcing from like-minded, small livestock farmers that all focus on animal welfare and responsible farming practices. 

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bunraku Sake at Taka London


Saitama Japan

Bunraku sake has been made in Saitama for 127 years and is characterized by its light taste. Aiming for the highest standard of sake, Bunraku Sake is made by carefully brewing sake rice which has been closely scrutinized for the highest quality.

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TAJIMAYA WAGYU at Taka Marylebone


Kagoshima Japan

Supplying us with some of the best beef in the world, Kagoshima A5 “Sakura” Wagyu and the world-famous Kobe Wagyu beef (basically the royalty of cattle), not much needs to be said about the quality of the produce, with its reputation doing more than enough! What we will mention though (and maybe brag some) about is that not many restaurants outside of Japan can offer Kobe to their guests. We are a part of that fortunate few and are very honoured to bring to you the best there is!

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Umenoyado Taka London


Nara Japan

Umenoyado has been making traditional high polished quality sake at the base of the Katsuragi Mountain for 120 years. Yet, that has not stopped them from embracing the future and creating a range of sakes that suit every palate and occasion. 

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